Composite Tooth-Colored Fillings in Raleigh, North Carolina

Have a cavity? Look no further than Raleigh Dental Loft for all your dental care needs. When you have cavities in your teeth from tooth decay, the treatment calls for filling the hole or crack with a material that seals the area. In the past, this usually meant metal fillings.

Amalgam fillings and silver fillings, however, are no longer the only options. Today, patients can choose between metal dental fillings and tooth-colored fillings for cavity repair. With dental bonding techniques, the same tooth-colored material can make chipped and damaged teeth look new again. Also, the composite material does not fluctuate with temperature like metal, offering an overall better option—in appearance and in cost-savings.

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The Formation of Cavities

As you consume food, plaque builds up on your natural teeth from starch and sugar. With regular brushing in the morning and at night, you can remove most of the plaque from your teeth. However, when the plaque stays on the tooth, it begins to decay and creates a cavity. Once the decay deepens, the tooth will become sensitive or painful.

Your dental hygienist sees cavities regularly and can diagnose them with ease:

  • Some severe cavities are visible with the naked eye
  • Other cavities are smaller and are more visible with imaging equipment like x-rays
  • Even if your tooth doesn’t hurt, you may still have a cavity

If you aren’t exhibiting any signs of pain around your cavity, that means that the decay isn’t too deep, and your tooth will need less work.

Tooth Restoration With Tooth-Colored Fillings

Once we spot any cavities, we will go over the filling process with you. You will have the option to pick from metal or composite fillings, and then the procedure can begin. First, we will need to clean the area to ensure all debris and decay stay out of the operation area. The composite resin then seals off your tooth, and we form the resin into a shape to match.

After the filling process, you will need to care for the new filling just like a natural tooth. Make two visits per year to your dentist’s office to keep your teeth clean and your oral health in order. If you have sensitivity around the filling, it’s normal. However, if the pain or sensitivity persists, contact us right away.

Getting a Tooth Filling Replacement

Though fillings can last for a long time when you take proper care of them, eventually, a filling may need replacement. In addition to their dark appearance, metal fillings contract and expand with temperature fluctuations, making them a less ideal option for fillings. This fluctuation also causes the filling to break down over time.

If you have metal fillings that you would like replaced, we have options to fit you with new composite tooth-colored fillings. This is a great option for those who already need filling replacement. Your fillings may need replacement if:

  • The fillings are older than five years
  • You eat many hard or sugary foods
  • You grind your teeth and clench your jaw at night

We check your teeth for filling degradation during your regular checkups at Raleigh Dental Loft.

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If you are experiencing pain or have sensitivity when you’re eating, it may be time to speak with your dentist about cavity fillings. It’s important to monitor starch and sugar intake to prevent plaque buildup on your teeth. Daily brushing and flossing help prevent buildup, but professional cleanings from Raleigh Dental Loft ensure deep cleaning of both your teeth and gums.

We offer services that cover many different oral health fields to help our patients. No matter if you need a full set of dentures or your first set of invisible aligners, our team at Raleigh Dental Loft has a solution for you. There’s no day like today to begin your journey to better oral health, and there’s no better practice to start it with. Call our office today at 919-859-4500 to speak with a staff member about getting tooth-colored fillings in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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