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As technology continues to advance, its far-reaching impact has changed all aspects of life, including dentistry. Modern tools like Digital Smile Design employ the latest methods to transform traditional dentistry into a fast, efficient, and precise art form. Our patients can now enjoy better results in less time, thanks to advanced digital scanners and 3-D modeling software.

More About Our Digital Smile Design Provider in Raleigh, North Carolina

Digital Smile Design represents a specialized branch of cosmetic dentistry at Raleigh Dental Loft. It employs cutting-edge photography and videography to create a detailed map of a patient’s dental structures and facial features. Once our cosmetic dentist uses the advanced, handheld scanners, generating accurate imaging with state-of-the-art software that assesses the patient’s teeth and helps them devise a comprehensive treatment plan.

Cosmetic dentists like us focus on sound family dentistry principles as the foundation of an aesthetically pleasing smile design for the 21st century, but we also possess the tools and certifications to offer high-quality Digital Smile Design services. We give our patients an exclusive selection of highly trained and experienced dental practitioners that are masters of the dental arts.

The Digital Smile Design Process

When new Raleigh, NC, patients visit our dental office for a cosmetic dental consultation, we begin with a careful analysis of their facial structures, oral health, and dental traits. We will consider the patient’s personality and aesthetic goals and discuss their expectations. Our cosmetic dentists and helpful support staff will also talk the patient through the latest tools and technology in cosmetic dentistry.

Raleigh Dental Loft is an excellent choice as a Digital Smile Design provider in Raleigh, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas. We utilize a wide range of traditional techniques, modern 3D modeling software, and futuristic scanning devices for a fuller picture of our patient’s needs.

Some of the tools we access include:

  • Handheld digital video scanners
  • High-definition, digital 3-D modeling cameras
  • High-tech 3-D modeling software
  • Modern, colorized x-rays

The above tools help our cosmetic professionals create precise 3-D models of our patients’ smiles, as well as projected 3-D models of what those smiles will look like once they complete their treatment plan. It includes imagery of internal structures and external appearances.

The Differences Between Digital and Traditional Smile Designs

For decades, traditional smile design involved antiquated x-rays and impression trays filled with goopy material in the mouth. While these methods served the field of dentistry well, they often made patients uncomfortable and took weeks for lab technicians to create physical models of a bite structure. Digital Smile Design is different.

It speeds up the process considerably because our software creates 3-D models in a matter of minutes. Traditional smile design also did not account well for the unique musculature and lip movement of individual faces. Digital Smile Designs uses advanced videography to track patients’ facial movements in real-time so that our dentists can maximize the aesthetic appeal of their smiles while expressing a range of different emotions.

Digital Smile Design proves less invasive, more precise, and more efficient than its traditional predecessor. The general benefits include fewer office visits, better results, and a higher rate of patient satisfaction.

Who Can Benefit from Digital Smile Design?

All our patients express insecurity about at least one aspect of their smiles. Maybe their teeth have shifted and created a small gap. Perhaps, sports injuries have left them with chipped teeth.

The most common dental issues we correct include:

  • Chipped, cracked, or broken teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Malformed or worn-down teeth
  • Crowded and crooked teeth
  • Receding gums

Digital Smile Design offers several benefits, and discolored teeth could also benefit from a teeth-whitening session. Having a tooth extracted and replaced with dental implants is another way to restore a smile to its original appearance, and many other procedures may help a patient avoid a root canal.

While all of the above solutions lead to a brighter, whiter smile, Digital Smile Design has other advantages as well, including:

  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Increased inclination to smile
  • Improved sociability
  • Heightened confidence and assertiveness
  • A fresh outlook on life

Whatever the cause of your smile concerns, we can solve it as the best Digital Smile Design provider in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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