How to Find Effective and Affordable Dental Implants in Raleigh, North Carolina

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The Benefits of Affordable Dental Implants in Raleigh, North Carolina

At Raleigh Dental Loft, we work hard to ensure that our patients are comfortable and healthy. Our high-quality services extend to Raleigh and the surrounding areas, including our top-notch services for bone graft procedures and flawless dental implants.

Dental implants replace damaged or missing natural teeth with sturdy implants (posts inserted into the gum line) that replace the roots of the tooth. The new implant looks and feels like a natural tooth, even though most dental implants have titanium properties and other artificial substances. These innovative and durable implants can also serve as a more comfortable alternative to dentures.

Technology has improved the results of these implant procedures considerably. Before you start the process, our Raleigh Dental Loft professionals will want to examine your mouth, review your dental history, and clear you for the procedure with a discussion about the risks and benefits. The success rate is incredibly high for most dental implants—that perfect smile might around the corner for you.

There are several advantages to opting for our dental implants in Raleigh, North Carolina, including:

  • Comfort: Oral pain easily makes speaking, eating, or mouth movements uncomfortable. It is important to take care of whatever oral abnormality arises to mitigate this pain quickly.
  • Oral Health: The dental implant procedure will improve your oral health considerably by filling gaps and making it easier to keep the mouth clean. The implants do not impact your other teeth with the dental bridge support feature. The result leaves more of your natural teeth intact for long-term oral health benefits.
  • Appearance: A big advantage is an improvement in a person’s appearance as gaps disappear and teeth look healthier. Damaged teeth cause insecurities, and many of our Raleigh Dental Loft patients are thrilled when they realize that there are good reasons to showcase their new smiles.

More About the Cost of Dental Implants in Raleigh, NC

What do dental implants cost, and is that worth the effort? The price of a single dental implant can vary, and it will depend on the tooth’s location and the dental care provider. Estimates will typically include the surgery for the implant’s placement, including the crown.

When Raleigh Dental Loft prepares for a dental implant procedure, an individualized treatment plan is the first step. The plan addresses your specific dental needs so that our team can provide you with high-quality care based on the implant option you have chosen. It is also a great opportunity to talk through the costs of the procedure with our experienced dental professionals.

Insurance plans often do not cover the cost of dental implants for cosmetic reasons, but every plan is different. Be sure to ask your insurance provider and dentist about the details—there are myriad options for financing the procedure in other ways if insurance coverage is inadequate.

Some Post-Surgery Dental Implant Maintenance

Have you decided to pursue our service for dental implants in Raleigh, North Carolina? The implant surgery is quite painless, as it is performed under a local anesthetic.

After the procedure, the dental implants require some maintenance, including:

  • Routine oral hygiene at home, like flossing and brushing to keep plaque and food debris away
  • Careful chewing on the implant, but only for a few weeks following the surgery
  • A follow-up appointment with our oral specialist to check for bacterial infections or gum inflammation

There should be little to no pain during or after the procedure, though many will still work through a few days of discomfort as the body adjusts to the dental implant.

Our dental professionals will exceed your expectations with our high-quality dental implants in Raleigh, North Carolina. We can have you feeling confident with your new smile and pain-free in no time. Let our Raleigh Dental Loft specialists take care of your teeth—call us at 919-859-4500 today.

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