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If you suffer from damaged, decayed, or missing teeth, Raleigh Dental Loft in Raleigh, NC offers solutions including dental bonding. Dental crowns are a versatile restorative treatment that can help improve the overall function and stability of your teeth and mouth. A dental crown from Raleigh Dental Loft will enhance your self-esteem, enable you to eat a wider variety of foods, and lead to a healthier, younger appearance.

The CEREC Same Day Crown Procedure at Raleigh Dental Loft

Our new crown process begins with tooth preparation and a digital impression using specialized imaging. Dr Kashyap will design a customized crown and send the data to an on-site CEREC machine to create the crown right here in our office. Once complete, the crown is fixed to the prepared tooth, providing a convenient single-appointment solution for dental restoration.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A crown is the surface of your tooth that shows above the gum line. If the natural crown of the tooth is damaged or decayed, a dental crown, sometimes referred to as a “cap,” is fabricated and placed on top of the damaged tooth. When a dental crown is cemented into place, it completely covers the entire visible portion of a tooth above the gum line.

The purpose of this type of dental crown placement is to protect the remains of the tooth, restore the tooth’s shape and size, and support the tooth structure. Crowns are a versatile tool for dental restoration. They are commonly used after a root canal or to save a tooth with a crack or chips from breaking.

Dental crowns fabricated in a dental lab have the appearance and feel of a natural tooth. Crowns are tooth-colored and custom-designed to match your existing teeth. There are several types of crowns, all constructed from non-metal biocompatible materials, most commonly resin, porcelain, or ceramic.

As a leading cosmetic dentist in Raleigh we offer dental crowns to treat a wide range of functional and cosmetic concerns. Through computer-aided design, our dental pros customize your crown to fit perfectly over your tooth and blend with the surrounding teeth. Your new crown will have the texture and natural grooves of a real tooth.

What Are the Benefits of a Tooth Crown?

Porcelain crowns are an excellent way to improve the look and function of your teeth and mouth. Dental crowns are far less invasive than a dental bridge and far more affordable than dental implants.

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